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So, make sure you understand yourself: accept yourself and your body , perceived flaws and all. Carrying on from that, sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to reach your life goals or dreams. With determination, self-belief and hard work, you can get there, but sometimes 'life' just gets in the way. Indeed, a study shows that persistent bitterness can make you physically unwell, so avoid it at all costs. Many of us felt and still feel alone, but as recent science shows, loneliness can be a bigger health risk than smoking or obesity. Know what turns you on in life and then seek out and surround yourself with people that share your passions and hobbies: with the help of like-minded friends, you can find inspiration, support, a beautiful sense of belonging and, hopefully, a whole lot of fun and laughter along the way.

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This life lesson also includes cutting out negative friends from your life: you know, the ones that are always having a huge life drama, moaning about everything or just eternally pessimistic. Science shows that negative people are toxic to our well-being, so leave them behind as you soar.

GuRu: the cover of RuPaul's new self-help book. Know what it is that makes you, you. Sit down and take time out to be still and really think about who you are: your passions, what you're good at, and what you love to do or would like to do. Knowing yourself is a great way to find a career where you can blossom: Ikigai is a useful tool to help you discover what will make you happiest when you get out of bed each morning.

Calvin is the happiness. Find out more.

"Run for Your Life" - The Seige [Explicit]

Seek Treatment. Insert gayass dismissal here.

They all mean the same shit. Anyway , yes, Trinity is gagged and gooped that we are now 86 Manila, because in her mind this puts a target on her back this week.

8 essential life lessons from RuPaul, the biggest drag queen in the world

No, bitch. It may be reductive! Each contestant will get to play one of the iconic women, hilariously for rights reasons, one can assume named after the actresses that played them and not the characters from SATC. Jo, a. Before we cut to a commercial break, we a have a slo-mo dramatized game of rock, paper, scissors.

This is simultaneously funny and exhausting. Naomi, bitch, just assign the roles? But also, I gag on the close-up of the hands. Who will pick rock? Who will pick scissors? And who … will pick paper? This is aggressively dumb and I love it. Trinity wins the game and assumes the role of Kim, pretty much the role she was born to play.

Jo, and Naomi opts to play the lead role of SJP. The challenges are clear for each. Can Naomi, not necessarily the most charismatic of the bunch, sell herself as a likable lead? And what the hell will Monique … do? Director Ross Matthews is on hand to help the ladies slay this gig. The girls are shooting a brunch scene that takes place at The Standard Hotel, and it looks like everything is off to an okay start.

Ten essential rules for watching a drag show (by a real-life drag queen)

Jo that real, honest to goodness laughs are had. Know that going forward. Guest judges are Emmy Winning Actress Felicity Huffman, no stranger to being one of an iconic four as Lynette on Desperate Housewives , and fashion designer Jason Wu, who comes complete with a RuPaul barbie doll on his shoulder. Trinity looks stunning and performs the ensemble on the runway with dexterous movement, licking herself clean all the way.

Lily is a keen photographer, but is also comfortable on the other side of the lens as a self-confessed selfie addict. Close Search.

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Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube. You may also be interested in. About the author Lily Konteh Lily was born and raised in Bristol, she spends her spare time sewing, listening to podcasts and performing in various drag and burlesque shows. Tears of Joy: the best funny videos for your day of sad Everybody has days where they need a little bit of cheering up. How The Sims helped me come to terms with my banal existence Lily talks about the bleak reality of downscaling your dreams with the help of a best selling PC game, even Unpacking the Beauty Beef: James Charles vs.

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