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Dozens of them! Boy, you humans are stupid too. Aye-Aye places his hand to his chin, making an impression that looks as if he was seriously thinking about Wan's question. Aye-Aye then burst into laughter over his own terrible joke and looked to the spirits around him for approval. Wan and the other Spirits look at Aye-Aye with disapproval. Understanding that he wouldn't be able to get help from the Spirits, Wan decided to head off and find the other cities himself.

As Wan turned away from the Spirits and begun walking down the River, he falls into a deep part and disappears under the water. The Spirits on the bridge wishes him the best and waves him goodbye. Hours have passed since Wan has left the Oasis and is seen staggering through the forest, dragging his feet due to hunger.

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As he continues on, he soon comes across a Cat Deer hanging helplessly from a tree branch. Generating two balls of flames in his palms, Wan approached the Deer whilst licking his lips, intent on having it for dinner. But as the sad and helpless creature looked Wan in the eyes, Wan could not help but sympathise with the creature. Unable to betray his emotions, Wan extinguishes the flame in his hands and decides to save it instead.

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As Wan climbs the tree to cut the net, the hunting party that Wan was originally apart of appeared out of the bushes and was pleased that they finally caught something. Having managed to climb onto the branch, the young man stepped out and shouted at the approaching Hunters. The leader of the Hunters was shocked at Wan's sudden appearance and begins to question the young man.

Wan leaps from the tree and generates a burst of flame from his palms, slowing his fall and causing the hunters to jump out of the way. As he darts into the forest the Hunting party chases after him. Using his knowledge of the wilds, Wan decided to trick the Hunters, in order for them to fall victim to the wilds one by one. As Wan dodges the flames being thrown at him, he arrives at a patch of Spirit Grass. Wan leaps and grabs a vine and swings to safety.

One of the Hunters following him enters the patch of grass and is immediately entangled. The entangled hunter begins to call for help. The other hunters, watch as one of their own is dragged into the ground. The grass begins to rise and attempt to capture them, but they burn the grass and resume their chase after Wan. Wan checks to see how many of his pursuers are left.

He grabs two hornet nests and throws them towards his pursuers. The hornets are scattered from their nest and one of the Hunters is carried off. The other hunters are now irritated at Wan and proceed to throw Fire at him, in an attempt to hit the traitor. The young man succeeds in evading several shots, but eventually he is hit. The blast of the flame caused him to be catapulted through the air, crashing into the branch and collapsing onto the floor. As the Huntsman approached the collapsed Wan to finish him off, the Spirit Aye-Aye warps out of nowhere and possesses the skinnier hunter. As the Hunter begins to transform into Aye-Ayes likeness, the Spirit struggles to gain control of the body and swipes wildly at the burly Huntsman Leader.

The sole surviving Huntsman turns and runs away as fast as he can. Aye-Aye leaves his host and the disoriented hunter noticed his deformed handed. Beginning to scream, the Hunter feels his face and realising that he is a hideous monster. The Hunter runs off screaming with tears in his eyes. The Spirits picks Wan up and carries him to the Oasis, placing him in the pool of water to recover. The rejuvenated Wan questions Aye-Aye about the water.

Aye-Aye: "Spirits are able to take over a human body for a short period of time. If I stayed in any longer, I would've killed him, which I did consider. I've never seen such act of selfishness from a human before. Wan: "I was.

But I think I've had enough of humans for a while. I've decided to stay here and learn the ways of the Spirits. As the Spirits happily welcomed Wan into their group, Aye-Aye interrupts and questions the idea of a Human living among them. Aye-Aye: "Hmm. I guess we can try it. I've never had a human as a pet before.

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I think I'll call you Stinky. The Cat Deer begins to nudge Wan in the side and purrs for attention. Wan strokes the Cat Deer's head and wonders what it wants from him. Aye-Aye: "Hmm, since you saved it from the Hunters. The Cat Deer must have taken a liking to you.

Its life is in your debt. Perhaps you should give it a name and take her as your companion. Wan: "A companion huh? I wonder about that No other human has an animal as a friend before and I wouldn't even know what to name her. Aye-Aye: "Well you are the first Human to befriend the Spirits and to live amongst us.

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You are also the first Human to show genuine care for the well being of others and you would be the first Human to form a friendship with an animal. Wan: "Then how about a name that is related to beginnings and first? That should be a nice name right? Aye-Aye: "Then how about, we name her Mula?

The two of you will signify a new beginning and perhaps your friendship will inspire others to care for Animals and to be their companion. Wan: "Mula, huh? Sounds like a nice name. You like that girl? Perhaps this isn't such a bad idea, maybe we can inspire others or start a new trend.

For generations to come, the Avatar would always form a bond and friendship with an animal due to the strong bond, Wan had with Mula.

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It was like a promise to protect and help others regardless of whether they were Humans, Spirits or Animals and that the He would always be there to help his Friend. Another big chapter and it should be noted that not a lot has been altered from the original scenario. The only original scenes would be around the beginning and ending of the chapter.

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In all honesty, I struggled a bit with the ending of this chapter. Also when going through the chapter, I noticed a number of mistakes and a number of sentences not making sense. Though this could be due to the bad habits of writing at night and rarely double checking from time to time. The next chapter will be an original story, but it may take time before it is release as my studies are starting up again. As per usual I hope you enjoy this chapter and feel free to leave some comments, review or feedback. Ideally I wish I had an editor, but considering this is a Fanon, I will most likely never get one, so I guess i'll make do with what I have.

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