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Eine Anthologie deutscher Melancholie-Gedichte. Stutt- gart , pp. Ein Beitrag zur Literatur- und Kulturgeschichte des Jahr- hunderts. Berlin Critical edition ed.

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Frankfurt a. Studies in the History of Natural Philosophy. London et al. Bonn Studien zur Germanistik, Anglistik und Komparatistik 19 , pp. Bern Basler Studien zur deutschen Sprache und Literatur 54 , pp. Diskursgeschichte und Textfiguration. Stuttgart et al. New Haven et al. Many physicians believed that the astrological conditions ruling at the moment of birth predisposed each person to one or more of these humours. The natural krasis predominant in a particular person could be influenced or disturbed by a number of factors, such as climate, diet, illness, age or external contingencies upon the mental state of the individual, including subsequent astrological or environmental factors.

The aim of much Greek medicine was thus to maintain a good krasis between the humours. Sanguine people, whose krasis was characterised by a preponderance of blood, were said to be naturally happy and optimistic. A predominance of phlegm was said to produce torpidity.

A person whose krasis tended toward choler was said to be given to sudden fits of anger. Black bile, often thought to be accompanied by a thickening of the blood, was said to give rise to a depressive personality, to solitariness, and to irrational fears.

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Why is it, Theophrastus asks, that those most outstanding in politics, in poetry and philosophy are often subject to melancholy? Theo- phrastus rationalises this observation by explaining that melancholy has a ten- dency to draw everything, including mental energy and concentration, to- wards its own centre. Leiden et al.

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Konzepte der Melancholie- Therapie im Heidelberg Natural melancholy originates in the liver, and from there flows into the blood, where it assists in the proper formation of the bones. An excess of natural melancholy causes the negative effects described in the Salerno verses. Unnatural, adust melancholy, in contrast, is produced by the combus- tion of the other humours.

It tends to desiccate the brain, causing insomnia and nightmares. Ortolff gave the schoolmaster a decoction of bugloss and applied the leaves to his head, has- tening his recovery and enabling him to study even more than before. Since the symptoms of acedia and melancholia were so similar, the two became virtually synony- mous in mediaeval discourse.

Ein Beitrag zur Anthropologie und Ethik Bonaventuras. Paderborn et al. Binghamton, N. Scholars, whose intense mental activity can lead to the exhaustion of the subtle vital spirits, must take special care not to fall victim to unnatural, adust melancholy. But if they know how to make the most of the powers of concentration and profundity bestowed by melancholy and its ruling planet, Saturn, they can reach unimaginable flights of genius.

The idea of melancholy genius was also taken up by poets, musicians and visual artists. Wittenberg , fol. Darmstadt The astrologer Johann Virdung von Hassfurt , for example, begins by describing melancholics as individu- als capable of profound thought, whose advice can rarely be bettered. But then Virdung tails off into an enumeration of the negative qualities of melan- cholia, culminating in a direct quotation from the Salerno verses in which the enviousness, cupidity and dishonesty of the melancholic are scratched out in bitter detail. For Virdung, the melancholic is far from salvation, given to an interest in magic and witchcraft, having no confidence either in God or his fellow humans, choosing rather to live in solitude.

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In: Schriften III, p. Hagenau, March , fol. Atque melancholicus his signis notus habetur. Non expers fraudis, timidus, luteique coloris. Amsterdam , pp.

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Pratensis also struggles to reconcile the ancient medical tradition to a Christian context. For Luther, the laws outlined in the bible are impossible to fulfil. Their function rather is to reproach us with our own unworthiness and thus to lead us to the realisation of our own need for grace. It then drives out the Holy Ghost and makes room for the spirit of evil.

De cerebri morbis […] by Jason Pratensis. In: Archives of Neurology 45 , pp. Tham [Neudamm] , fols. Leiden , pp. From the beginning he broke with tradition, writing in German rather than Latin: the tradition of melancholy argues the character of Melancholey herself has hitherto been confined primarily to learned discourse in Latin, but she now plans to share this knowledge in the vernacular lines , cf.

Secondly, the figure in the prosopopoeia is static, incapable of change, stuck in a mental rut. In: Modern Philology 60 , pp. In: The Journal of Musicology 9 , pp. In: MLR 93 , pp.

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  2. Richard II: Manhood, Youth, and Politics 1377-99 (Oxford Historical Monographs).
  3. Vom Baum Des Lebens. Ausgewählte Gedichte by Hermann Hesse?
  4. Of Dove And Falcon;
  5. In: Yale French Studies 95 , pp. Rostock [], pp. It is perhaps significant that this poem also deals with a woman in a state of intense emotional distress. Ithaca, Lon- don , who suggests that positive Renaissance conceptions of melancholy were figured in predominantly masculine terms. Melancholey herself remarks that those who do not yet know her will soon guess her nature through her gestures and physical atti- tude lines Well-constructed emblems are comprehensive and polyvalent; the author of the emblem invites the reader to reflect and draw a particular and personal meaning from the universal concept represented en- igmatically by the image and its accompanying texts.

    Toronto , pp. Padua ; repr. New York , p. The poem thus has a dual function: instruction in the lore of melancholy, and personal confession of its debilitating effects, gradually and almost imperceptibly moving from the former to the latter. Is Melancholey a benign mother or, like the witch at the edge of the village, a kind of anti-mother who suckles pain itself line 55 and whose children have the suspicious whiff of sulphur line 20?

    Despite the predominantly dark hues in which Melancholey begins her self-portrait, she goes on to hint at the positive doctrine of melancholia pro- posed by Theophrastus and Ficino. Once again, Pratensis could have pro- vided Tscherning with details of this tradition.

    An Essay on Abjection, transl. Leon Roudiez. New York European Perspectives. Berlin , vol. The reader ultimately wonders whether Tscherning wants to claim Melancholey or Apollo as his own tutelary genius. According to Plato, inspira- tion is transferred, like magnetic attraction through iron rings, from god to muse to poet to rhapsode to hearer.

    These associations are all part of the positive tradition of melancholia. Quin iridis instar assumit varios pulchro de corde colores. Skip to content Skip to search. Hindemith, Paul, Published Mainz ; New York : Schott, c Language English German. Creator Hindemith, Paul, Other Creators Morgenstern, Christian, Subjects Morgenstern, Christian, -- Musical settings.

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