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If you are looking for a book about recovery from alcoholism, this is the book for you!

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Plainly put, this book is all about hope and recovery. Find out how you can take the first step toward recovery from alcoholism; call Gallus Detox at The call is free and it is confidential.

Sobriety and Codependency

About the Book The book is comprehensive, easy to read, and explains ideas and concepts in clear and concise language. About the Author Veronica Valli is a respected addiction therapist and life coach with ten plus years working in the community with young people the criminal justice system, adult treatment, and outreach as well as in private practice. Related Posts.

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March 12th, 0 Comments. February 27th, 0 Comments. February 24th, 0 Comments. At last, a book that reveals why alcoholics think, feel and behave the way they do.

Why You Drink And How To Stop: Journey to Freedom

This book looks into the heart and mind of the alcoholic; it explains their thought processes, how they feel and why they behave so self-destructively. This book, written in easy to understand language, isn't prescriptive but offers a deep understanding of the vital components that drive an alcoholic - and this in turn illuminates the way out.

How to Avoid Drinking Triggers - Alcoholism

It is simply a must read for any struggling alcoholic and their loved ones. Live the life you were meant to live.

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Learn how to manage your feelings to stay away from alcohol. Understand why the alcoholic you love won't stop drinking.